How to Safely Bring Your Team Back to the Office

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has made remote work the “new normal” for businesses. But, now that COVID-19 vaccinations are underway, you may be ready to bring your team back to the office. To accomplish your goal, you need to take precautions to minimize risk across your workforce. You also need to ensure that your employees are comfortable working in your office once again.

Tips to Safely Bring Your Team Back to the Office

Here are four things you can do to safely bring your team back to the office.

1. Take a Tiered Approach

Do not let all of your employees return to the office at the same time. Instead, bring workers back to the office in stages.

A tiered approach lets you collect feedback from employees as they return to the office. You can use employee feedback to identify and address any office safety issues before they get out of hand.


2. Promote Social Distancing

Configure your office space to ensure all workers can practice social distancing. Set up floor markers, so office employees can maintain at least 6 ft. of distance from one another at all times. You can also post signs in your office break room, hallways, and other common areas to promote social distancing.

Avoid large office gatherings as well. It often helps to stagger work shifts to limit the number of employees in the office at one time.


3. Require Employees to Wear a Face Mask

Verify that all employees wear a face mask any time they enter your office. Do not allow workers to enter your office without a face mask; otherwise, they risk inadvertently spreading or contracting COVID-19.

You can offer incentives to workers who wear a face mask and practice other safety measures in the office, too. By offering bonuses, extra time off, or other incentives, you can motivate employees to maintain a safe office space.


4. Offer Flexible Work Options

Give your staff the flexibility to return to the office or work remotely. For workers who are eager to return to the office, they can do so right away. Or, for employees who are hesitant to start working in an office, you can avoid putting pressure on them to do so.

Encourage workers to share their concerns about returning to your office as well. Keep the lines of communication open with employees, and let them know you are here to support them. That way, you can help your workers feel safe and comfortable, regardless of whether they work in your office or remotely.


Hire Top Talent to Fill Office Roles

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