Spring Cleaning Time! How to Clean Up Your Social Media

Here are a few things you can do to clean up your social media.


1. Practice Common Sense

Consider a potential employer’s perspective of your social media accounts. This lets you take an objective view of your social media posts and determine which ones may hamper your ability to generate interest from top employers.

It often helps to view social media accounts like the front lawn of a home. Much in the same way neighbors can see everything on a front lawn, anyone can see what you post on social media. So, remove controversial social media posts from your accounts. This helps you put your best foot forward on social media.


2. Keep Your Information Up to Date

Use your real name with your social media profiles. Verify the accuracy of all information contained within your profiles and update this information as needed.

Ensure your social media profile image is professional and clean as well. This helps you show prospective employers that you take your personal brand and online presence seriously.


3. Maintain a Positive Outlook

Craft positive, uplifting social media posts. Rather than use social media posts to criticize people, use your posts to highlight the accomplishments of friends, family members, and others.

Avoid offensive language in your social media posts, too. If you have a personal issue with a social media post from someone you know, share your concerns with this individual offline.


4. Engage with Industry Professionals

Capitalize on opportunities to connect with others via social media. Use likes, shares, and comments to show what types of social media content interests you. That way, you can give potential employers a glimpse into your interests.

Leverage social media to engage with like-minded individuals across your industry as well. You can join industry groups on LinkedIn and Facebook and follow leading companies in your industry on Twitter. Over time, you can use social media to build your professional network and stay up to date about new career opportunities.


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