Developer Tips: How to Prepare for a Technical Interview

For a developer, a technical interview can make or break their career. If you know how to plan for an interview, however, you’re well-equipped to make a great impression. As a result, you can show your interviewer why you’re the best candidate to fill a developer role at their company.


1. Learn About the Company’s Development Stack

Review the company’s development stack. To do so, read the job description and the technical requirements associated with the developer role. Then, you can brush up on any languages, libraries, and tools the business uses for app development.

If you want to learn more about a company’s development stack, you can always reach out to the business before your interview. Or, you may find public GitHub repositories from the company that show you which development languages, libraries, and tools it uses.

2. Practice Writing Code

Put your coding skills to the test before your interview. Because, if you can show your interviewer you can write code outside your ideal environment, you may prove to him or her that you’re the right candidate to join their business.

You can take advantage of free developer course materials from MIT and Stanford, too. These materials enable you to learn about basic and advanced coding concepts. Also, they can help you master various programming languages.

3. Conduct a Mock Interview

Ask a friend or family member to host a mock interview. Next, you can use the practice session to consider how you’ll respond to potential questions you’ll receive when you meet with your interviewer.  Of course, during your mock interview, think about each question before you answer it. You can then formulate an answer and respond confidently.

Remember, you’ll want to show your interviewer that you have what it takes to thrive with their company. Thus, you should approach every interview question as an opportunity to show what you have to offer. This ensures you can make it clear to your interviewer why you should be considered for a developer role with their company.

4. Prepare to Highlight a Relevant Work Project

Get a relevant work project ready to bring to your interview. If possible, include multiple projects that you can share with your interviewer.

Each project lets you show your interviewer how you handle development tasks and challenges. Plus, it helps an interviewer see that you’re capable of managing development projects from start to finish. Thus, sharing one or more projects with your interviewer may help you improve your chances of acing your interview.


Find Your Ideal Developer Job

You can use the aforementioned tips as you prepare for a technical interview. If you want additional assistance as you search for your ideal developer job, Marquee Staffing is here to help.

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