3 Reasons to Bring Your Remote Team Back to the Office

Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions are lifting in cities and towns across the United States. As such, now may be a good time to bring your remote team back to the office.

Key reasons to allow your remote team to work in the office once again include:

1. COVID-19 vaccines are readily available.

COVID-19 vaccines are easily accessible in most cities and towns nationwide. Furthermore, research indicates approximately half of the U.S. population has received a COVID-19 vaccination as of May 30, 2021. This has led many states to eliminate mask mandates for fully vaccinated people.

Your business can offer incentives to encourage remote workers to get vaccinated. Then, when your workers are fully vaccinated, they can return to the office. At this point, your workers can take solace in the fact that they are protected against contracting or spreading COVID-19. They can also work safely and comfortably in the same space as their peers and superiors.

2. You can drive collaboration and communication across your team.

Your remote team used Slack, Zoom and other technologies to engage with one another during the pandemic. By reopening your office, you can let your remote workers engage in person, in real-time. This can drive unparalleled collaboration and communication across your team.

Allowing remote employees to return to the office can spark a cultural evolution, too. It encourages workers to connect with one another and foster positive relationships. Over time, this can provide a boom for your culture. It may even help your culture become a selling point if you try to add top talent to your business.

3. You can help your workers adjust to the “new normal.”

The pandemic has forced many people to spend long periods of time indoors. Yet, cities and towns are reopening. This is giving people additional opportunities to get out of the house and live life to the fullest extent.

When you allow remote workers to return to the office, you can give them an opportunity to adjust to the “new normal” of the pandemic. It may take several weeks or months before your workers feel comfortable going into your office. But, offering them the opportunity to work in your office can provide a great starting point to adjust to the new normal.

Is Your Business Ready to Let Remote Workers Return to the Office?

Before your business lets your remote team return to the office, you need to plan accordingly. That way, you can minimize risk for your staff. Also, you can ensure your workers receive the support they need to thrive.

Follow appropriate health and safety protocols. Ensure social distancing is promoted and enforced across your office space for unvaccinated workers. Require unvaccinated workers to wear a face mask in your office as well.

Keep the lines of communication open with workers as they return to the office, too. Provide regular updates and ensure you are ready to respond to any concerns or questions that come your way.

Lastly, it can be beneficial to let your remote team come back to the office at its own pace. When remote employees feel safe and comfortable in your office, they can then return to work in it.


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