How to Combat Employee Absenteeism in Manufacturing and Production

Employee absenteeism can prevent manufacturers from achieving their business goals. But, there are many things you can do to combat employee absenteeism in manufacturing and production.

1. Assess Your Employee Absenteeism Rates

Find out how often your employees miss work. And, identify key reasons as to why your workers are absent. From here, you can use employee absenteeism data to identify patterns and trends across your workforce. Then, you can leverage these insights to find ways to improve business and its work environment.

Remember, employee absenteeism can occur for many reasons. However, with data at your disposal, you can uncover the root causes of absenteeism in your workforce. Next, you can gain the insights you need to lower your absenteeism rates.

2. Provide Your Employees with Details About Unexcused Absences

Be upfront and honest with your employees about unexcused absences. Define an unexcused absence and share details about your company’s attendance policy. In addition, respond to any concerns or questions surrounding unexcused absences.

Unexcused absences can be frustrating. Yet, communication can help you stop them from happening. If your workers understand unexcused absences and your attendance policy, they will have no reason to miss work unless it is absolutely necessary to do so.

3. Prioritize Employee Wellness

Give your employees ample support, so they can take care of themselves at work and outside of it. In doing so, you can provide your workers with many opportunities to develop and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Encourage workers to take advantage of the health and wellness programs your company offers. Educate employees about these programs and the benefits they provide. Furthermore, you can provide flexible work schedules and other perks to help your employees feel and perform their best.

4. Offer Incentives

Provide incentives to employees who go above and beyond the call of duty to avoid missing work. Ultimately, these workers showcase their commitment to your company’s success day after day. So, reward them for their commitment, and they can help your company thrive.

You can offer a wide range of incentives to your workers. For instance, you can provide gift cards, extra time off, or other rewards to employees who meet attendance goals for a designated time frame. Don’t forget to recognize these workers’ achievements during meetings and other work events, too.


The Bottom Line on How to Combat Employee Absenteeism in Manufacturing and Production

Businesses in the manufacturing and production industry face tight deadlines and substantial workloads. And, like most companies, they cannot afford employee absenteeism. By using the aforementioned tips, you can help your business reduce absenteeism. In the long run, your company can leverage these tips to optimize its employee absenteeism rates.

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