Perfect Candidates Don’t Grow on Trees! How to Find Top Talent

You want perfect candidates to pursue jobs with your company. However, you may discover that there is no such thing as a “perfect” job candidate.

Ultimately, every job candidate has their respective pros and cons. But, if you know how to find top talent, you’re well-equipped to attract the cream of the crop to fill roles across your business.

1. Establish Realistic Expectations

Don’t let your dream of stirring up interest from perfect candidates hamper your ability to identify top talent. Instead, establish realistic expectations as you seek out candidates to join your team. Make a list of soft and hard skills that the ideal candidate will possess. Also, consider the duties and responsibilities associated with the role you want to fill. From here, you can create a roadmap to guide your search for a candidate who meets your requirements.

2. Consider a Diverse Range of Candidates

Evaluate a wide range of job candidates. This gives you an opportunity to pursue candidates from myriad backgrounds. If necessary, you can have a formal interview and gain insight as to why and find out why they want to join your business. Each interviewee can provide a valuable learning opportunity. Also, an interview will let you look beyond a candidate’s resume. Thus, if you assess a variety of candidates, you can conduct an extensive search. As a result, you may find a candidate who proves he or she has the right combination of skills and experience to thrive in a role with your business.

3. Assess a Candidate’s Growth Potential

Think about how a candidate can grow within your company. To do so, ask a candidate about their career aspirations. If a candidate shows a willingness to learn, he or she may grow into a role within your company. Furthermore, it can be beneficial to see how a candidate communicates and collaborates with your team. If you have multiple team members meet with a candidate during the interview process, you can gain additional insights into this individual’s growth potential.

4. Be Persistent

Resist the urge to settle for an inferior job candidate. Conversely, do what’s necessary to identify talent that meshes with your business. The ideal candidate can be difficult to find. So, you may need to commit significant time, energy, and resources to do so. Yet, once you find an amazing candidate, he or she can contribute to your company’s success long into the future. Therefore, it pays to be persistent as you seek out top talent.


Get Extra Help in Your Quest to Add Talent to Your Team

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