6 Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE You Quit Your Job

You like your job but are considering career opportunities elsewhere. Before you quit your job, you need to weigh the pros and cons of doing so carefully. To do so, you need to ask yourself the right questions.


1. Is There Any Way I Can Be Happy in My Current Role?

Think about your current job and why you accepted it in the first place. If you rediscover your passion for your job, you can feel great about your work. The result: you can become more productive and efficient than ever before. Plus, you can put yourself in a great position to grow your career.

2. What Do I Want to Accomplish in My Career?

Look at your career aspirations. Oftentimes, it helps to write a list of your career goals, along with the steps you’ll need to take to accomplish them. If you find your current job does not align with your career aspirations, it could be time to pursue other employment opportunities elsewhere. There are always opportunities to gain knowledge on your current role.  Once you have figured out what is needed, you can think about your next career step.

3. What Problems Can I Solve If I Quit My Job?

Assess the problems that make it tough to enjoy your current role. Next, consider how these problems can be resolved if you quit your job. If you find your job problems are too much to handle, you can explore new career opportunities. Conversely, if you feel like you can fix your job problems, you can stay on course with your present role.

4. Am I Able to Leave My Job and Still Pay My Bills?

Evaluate your finances and determine if you have sufficient funds available to walk away from your job. It is generally a good idea to have a financial safety net in place if you intend to quit. But, keep in mind that you can always continue to work in your current role and pursue a new position at the same time. You can also accept a temporary or part-time job as you seek out new career opportunities.

5. What Is My Plan If I Quit My Job?

Make a plan for what you’ll do if you quit your job. At this point, you need to find a role that aligns with your requirements. So, you’ll need a plan to ensure you can fulfill these requirements. And you’ll need to work diligently to find a job that you can enjoy long into the future.

6. Am I Scared to Make a Career Change?

Take a deep breath and examine your career to date. If you feel unfulfilled by your career, now may be the time for a change. Even if you are scared to change your job, you may find that you can discover a new career that makes you feel happy.

Want to Quit Your Job? Consider the Next Stage of Your Career

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