Prepare Your 2022 Hiring Plans

2022 is almost here, and now is a great time to craft your 2022 hiring plans. That way, your business can identify, recruit and attract top talent in the year to come. With this talent at your side, your company can thrive in 2022 and beyond.

There are several things you can do to craft effective hiring plans for the new year. These include:

1. Figure Out What Roles You Want to Fill

Evaluate your vacancies and determine what jobs need to get filled. In addition, establish priorities for your vacancies. You should also consider if you want to hire permanent or contract workers.

Furthermore, create a hiring budget. This gives you an idea about how much you can spend to fill vacancies in 2022. Be sure to stick to your budget, too.

2. Evaluate Job Market Trends

Assess the job market and watch for trends. For example, the “Great Resignation” is underway. Many employees are leaving their jobs and exploring new career opportunities. As such, your company has a golden opportunity to engage with these individuals. If your company is successful, it can generate interest from quality job candidates.

Don’t forget to consider remote recruitment, either. If your company can hire remote staff, it can add talent from around the world. As a result, your business can extend its global reach.

3. Use Multiple Channels

Resist the urge to rely exclusively on one channel to connect with talent. Rather, leverage a wide range of channels to engage with job candidates. This can help your company grow its global talent pool.

Oftentimes, it pays to use LinkedIn to connect with job seekers. You can also utilize an employee referral program that encourages your current staff to support your recruitment efforts. It can be beneficial to partner with a professional staffing agency to help you develop and execute your 2022 hiring plans as well.

4. Track Your Results

Establish metrics to monitor the performance of your 2022 hiring plans. These metrics can be evaluated regularly. And they can provide you with a glimpse into your company’s ability to connect with talent.

If you find you are missing out on opportunities to engage with talent, revise your hiring plans accordingly. Meanwhile, if your hiring plans are hitting the mark, continue to seek out ways to improve them. Because, the better you get at talent recruitment, the more likely it becomes that your company can distinguish itself from rivals and become an industry leader.

Get Started on Your 2022 Hiring Plans

Your 2022 hiring plans can make or break your business. If you start mapping out your hiring strategy, you can move closer to adding top talent in the foreseeable future.

If you need extra help with hiring in 2022, get in touch with Marquee Staffing. Our professional recruiters can work with you to launch a hiring strategy that meets your company’s expectations. We make it easy to connect with talent across a variety of industries, too. Request talent today!