Job Search Best Practices: Build Your Personal Brand

You want your personal brand to distinguish you from other job candidates. To achieve your desired result, you need to plan accordingly. That way, you can verify that all aspects of your brand complement one another. And as a result, your brand helps you land your dream job.

There are several elements to consider as you build and optimize your personal brand. These include:

1. Your Resume

Review your resume and ensure it is up to date. Your resume should include accurate information about your work history, skills, and education. Furthermore, your resume should be concise and easy to follow. This ensures a potential employer can quickly scan your resume and determine if you are a viable candidate.

It can be beneficial to customize your resume based on the job you want to secure. To do so, review a job description carefully. You can then use your resume to show you have what it takes to fill this role.

2. Your Cover Letter

Create a cover letter that shows prospective employers who you are and what you’re all about. Your cover letter should complement your resume. Meanwhile, it can illustrate why you’re a great candidate for a particular role.

Like your resume, you should tailor your cover letter to each job application you submit. Your cover letter should be brief. It can highlight what you have to offer a company. And your cover letter should encourage a potential employer to follow up to learn more about you.

3. Your Social Media Accounts

Audit your social media presence. Remember, potential employers can search your name online at any time. When they do, they should find content that helps you make a positive first impression.

Remove any questionable or controversial content from your social media pages. Furthermore, remain active on social media. Before you post social media content, consider how potential employers may view it. Then, you can publish content on social media that helps you stand out from other job candidates for all the right reasons.

4. Your Website

Use a website to promote yourself to prospective employers. Your site can include information about who you are and help employers get in touch with you. Plus, you can include your site domain on your resume.

If you’re building a website for the first time, be diligent. Keep an eye out for spelling, grammatical, or formatting issues across your site. If possible, it may be beneficial to hire a web designer. This professional can help you launch your site and make it your own.


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