Is It Time for a Career Change? Here’s What You Should Know

You want a rewarding career. However, your career to date has been unfulfilling. At this point, you may be weighing the pros and cons of a career change.

It can be tough to change careers. But the longer you wait to do so, the harder it can become to fulfill your career aspirations.

Ultimately, there are many signs that now is the right time for a career change. These include:


1. You Feel Physically and Mentally Exhausted.

Your body may be telling you it’s time for a career change. In this instance, you may experience headaches, tense muscles, and body aches. Also, you may be prone to anxiety, depression, stress, and other mental health issues. When these physical and mental health problems crop up, they can leave you feeling worn down. They can impact your ability to maintain a healthy work-life balance, too.


2. You Feel No Passion for Your Work.

Ideally, you should feel confident in your work. Yet, there can be times when you find you’re doing a job only to earn a paycheck. At these times, you’re unlikely to give 100%. And you may be prone to do everything possible to avoid taking on work tasks or responsibilities.


3. You Have One Foot Out the Door.

You may spend long periods of time searching job boards for new career opportunities. You may even reach a point where you’re searching for a new job at your current one. If you’re frequently on the lookout for a new job, you may be ready for a career change.


How to Make the Most of a Career Change


1. Figure Out What You Want to Do in Your Career

Consider why you want to change your career in the first place. Think about what you want to find in your dream job. Next, you can make a list of potential careers. You can then conduct research to determine which career you want to pursue.


2. Look for a Job That Can Lead to a Rewarding Career

Do not expect to land your dream career right away. Instead, search for jobs that can help you get your new career off the ground. You may need to accept an entry-level role. Or, you may want to pursue part-time or contract jobs. Be flexible as you look for work. As a result, you can position yourself to land a job in the field of your choice and start building your new career.


3. Remain Persistent

Capitalize on any career advancement opportunities that come your way. For instance, you can attend networking events to connect with industry professionals who can help you grow your new career. Furthermore, you can sign up for classes to gain skills that you can use in your career. Devote time, energy, and resources to develop your career. Over time, you’ll be well-equipped to enjoy a rewarding career.


Get Started on Your Career Change

If you want to change careers, Marquee Staffing can help. We can learn about your career aspirations and help you find a job that aligns with your expectations. To get started, check out our job board today!