How to Manage PTO Requests From Your Workforce

A manager can be overwhelmed with PTO requests in summertime. However, with the right approach, a manager will have no trouble managing these requests as they come their way.

Now, let’s look at four tips to help you manage PTO requests from your workforce.


1. Be Proactive with PTO Requests

Encourage workers to come forward and submit their PTO requests. Explain any rules surrounding these requests. And make time to respond to employees’ concerns and questions about requesting time off from work.

Keep the lines of communication with workers regarding PTO, too. This helps workers become more comfortable sharing any concerns and questions about PTO and submitting their time-off requests. Meanwhile, you can process these requests as you receive them. And you can make it easy for your employees to take time off and enjoy themselves outside of work.


2. Streamline the PTO Request Process

If possible, let workers submit their requests for time off online. You can use a digital system that makes it simple to track and process these requests. As soon as you receive a PTO request, you can get a notification about it. If you process an employee’s request, he or she can receive a notification as well.

For businesses that use digital time-off requests, test the system you plan to use in advance. Address any system issues that otherwise can cause you to miss out PTO requests. Once the system is implemented, track its results. If any problems crop up, resolve them right away.


3. Automate PTO Requests

Use vacation request management software. This allows you to automate the process of approving employees’ time-off requests.

It won’t take long to implement vacation request management software across your business. The software lets employees access a calendar that shows what days are available for vacation requests. Next, workers can submit their requests for time off at their convenience. If there are no scheduling conflicts, employee requests are automatically approved.


4. Review and Update Your Time-Off Request Policies

Take a look at your company’s time-off request policies periodically. Generally, it helps to get employee feedback regarding these policies. If workers report any issues, you can adjust these policies accordingly.

Share time-off request policies with workers and keep them up to date on any policy changes. Teach workers how to use any software for submitting time-off requests. And continue to work in lockstep with employees to help them get the most value out of their PTO.


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