Job Hiring: A Guide to Developing Effective Job Descriptions

With the staffing shortage affecting hiring efforts across the board, employers must be hyper-focused on recruiting strategies and tactics. One of the biggest components of successful recruiting is the ability to develop effective and compelling job descriptions. Here are some key tips for mastering job descriptions and increasing interest in your opportunities among your target candidate pool:

Showcase your employer brand.

Incorporating elements of your employer’s brand can make job descriptions significantly more appealing to candidates. With job seekers having many options on the market, employers that proactively promote their organizations tend to attract more interest from candidates who are seeking meaningful employment. You can showcase your employer brand by highlighting your corporate culture, your company’s mission and values, and unique benefits and perks (such as flexible scheduling or remote work options).

Optimize for search engines.

It’s no longer enough to write job descriptions you think sound good on paper – they also need to generate results online. Optimizing your job descriptions for search engines will ensure your postings generate results on Google that lead to increased candidate traction. To maximize your postings’ SEO rankings, be sure to include a clear and direct job title and location; add links to your company’s homepage; avoid overly creative or gimmicky verbiage, and actively share descriptions through your social media channels. If you’re unfamiliar with best SEO practices, consider seeking professional guidance so you can formulate the most optimized descriptions.

Include videos.

With visuals being increasingly integral to successful marketing of jobs, using video to accompany your job descriptions can be a very powerful way to draw more candidates to your openings. A one- or two-minute video about your company and workplace culture can complement your job openings, demonstrating to potential candidates what you have to offer as an employer. Videos can often drive engagement among candidates and increase traffic to your job descriptions, as well as your company’s website and social media pages.


Your hiring team’s ability to develop effective job descriptions can often make or break your hiring success, having an impact on productivity, culture, and retention. Applying the tips above to your hiring strategy will ensure you attract a steady stream of qualified applicants to your jobs.


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