Prepping Your Team for a Productive 2023

Is increasing your team’s productivity one of your goals for the new year? By assessing your team’s performance, you can improve every aspect of your organization – from operations to retention. With staffing fluctuations affecting productivity, taking the appropriate measures to improve your employees’ performance can have a positive impact on the trajectory of your organization in the new year. Check out these three strategies for prepping your team for a productive 2023:

Assess employee performance.

Before making any changes, it’s critical to complete a thorough assessment of your employee’s performance, with specific attention to the strengths and weaknesses of your team. This will give you a benchmark in which you can make meaningful adjustments that help your team perform better. This process also involves assessing your employees’ skillsets and how they will align with your organization’s workforce needs in the coming months and years.

Invest in upskilling initiatives.

Investing in upskilling (teaching your existing employees new skills) is critical to the future of your workforce. There are many types of upskilling initiatives that can effectively leverage your employees’ talents and abilities, helping them advance and potentially take on greater responsibilities or new roles within your organization. Examples of upskilling initiatives may include mentoring or cross-training programs, apprenticeships, or continuing education reimbursement. Identifying training and developing ways to further strengthen your employees’ qualifications will have a direct impact on your organization’s productivity, as well as staff retention levels moving forward.

Adopt new technologies.

Implementing new technologies can have an instrumental role in streamlining your employees’ workloads and helping them be more efficient at their jobs. With so many technological advancements, consider identifying a couple of platforms or services that may enhance team performance and allow them to focus their time and energy on the tasks that matter most. For instance, many companies have discovered incredible benefits of utilizing project management systems and cloud-based software. Depending on the company’s needs, there are many types of technologies that can enhance daily productivity.


With the strategies above, you can proactively prepare your organization for a more productive new year while giving your employees a foundation to achieve more success in their roles.

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