Employee Benefits to Offer in 2023

The dynamic between employers and employees has evolved drastically over the past few years. Companies that want to be considered top employers must offer benefits and a work culture that appeals to the employees of today’s workforce. As you evaluate your employee benefits package, here are three benefits to consider offering in 2023:

Expanded PTO policies.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a greater demand for increased PTO in the workforce – which can be a competitive recruiting strategy going into 2023. According to HR Dive, expanding PTO to include unlimited time off can help companies save time and expenses attract new hires, reduce turnover rate, as well as eliminate the need to negotiate time off between HR and employees. Expanding a PTO policy can also include providing a cash out option to employees who opt not to take their time off.

Holistic leave for caregivers.

The need to provide employees with increased PTO time to serve as caregivers for elderly relatives or young children has come to light in recent years. Employers that provide more flexibility to employees in the form of remote work options, paid maternity leaves, and extended leave policies, will help their employees achieve a better balance between their family obligations and professional lives. This balance can lead to increased loyalty by an existing employee towards the employer or secure top talent for open roles, which is why this benefit should remain a top priority when building a benefits package.

Learning opportunities.

Providing access to learning opportunities is a crucial way that employers can show both their current and potential employees that their professional knowledge and growth matters to them. Offering professional development in the form of onsite trainings, mentorship, and industry memberships can be a powerful way to attract and retain top talent. By promoting professional development in your company’s job descriptions and marketing channels, ambitious candidates will gain insight into how they can advance themselves within the company and ultimately increase their earning potential.

These are just a few of the top benefits to consider including in your benefits package in the new year. Introducing benefits with the employee in mind will lead to higher quality recruitment and retention that most companies yearn for!!


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