Workplace Best Practices: Managing a Multi-Generational Team

Do you currently manage a team of employees with a wide range of ages? A multi-generational team can add complexity and a variety of issues for management. However, exploring solutions to promote meaningful, productive teamwork can vastly benefit your organization. Here are some of the best management practices to consider utilizing for your multi-generational team:

Acknowledge generational differences.

In all management decisions and considerations, it is essential to acknowledge generational differences among your employees. Proactively communicating these differences to your staff is the first step to identifying preferred management styles for employees of varying ages. Learning how your staff views leadership via employee feedback will allow you to make necessary adjustments to your management style.

Promote reverse mentorship.

Reverse mentorship is one of the most effective ways to foster positive working relationships between employees of different generations. This form of mentorship involves junior employees mentoring those more senior than them. While mentorship is typically executed in the opposite way (senior-level employees training younger staff), reverse mentoring enables older employees to learn the skills and abilities of junior staff. This unique exchange of expertise can facilitate a stronger connection among your multi-generational talent, encouraging teamwork and fostering respect for every person’s talent and contribution in the workplace.

Make culture-building a top priority.

The building blocks of a company’s culture is the foundation for a high-functioning multi-generational workforce. From teambuilding initiatives to social gatherings, practices that build your culture provide valuable opportunities for employees to connect on a new level. While employees of various ages may have differing interests or goals on the surface, they will often discover commonalities that improve cooperation!

While a multi-generational workforce can bring its fair share of challenges, implementing the management practices above can help you build a successful team in which every person can thrive!


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