Fearing Potential Layoffs? How Current Workers Should Prepare

With potential layoffs looming at companies across the U.S., it’s normal to have some heightened anxiety if you’re concerned about losing your job. However, shifting your mindset and taking some meaningful action to further your professional goals – despite an impending recession – will allow you to feel more in control of your career and future job prospects. Here are a few ways in which you can start preparing for a potential layoff and get your job search off on the right foot:

Record your recent accomplishments.

Taking note of your accomplishments in your current role, and updating your resume accordingly, will be important for how you present your qualifications to future employers. By writing down your personal “wins,” you’ll feel more prepared to discuss your impact and recent experience during interviews, as well as in the context of cover letters and other application materials. This will also give you a confidence boost as you seek other job opportunities and promote yourself to hiring managers online and during network events.

Update your resume and digital presence. 

Updating your resume and online profiles can be a time-consuming process, especially if it’s been several months or years since you’ve searched or applied for a new job. Making sure your resume and online channels reflect your current qualifications and employment will accelerate your job search, allowing you to hit the ground running without having to waste time updating your credentials and skills on your resume and other channels. If you’re struggling with this process, a recruiting firm can help you refine your materials and position yourself as a top candidate in your industry.

Secure professional references. 

Before a potential layoff occurs, it’s important to start the process of securing at least one or two professional references whom you can cite in future applications. If you’re not comfortable approaching your existing employer as a reference, consider reaching out to a couple former employers or individuals whom you worked closely with (such as a coworker or industry colleague), who can speak to your skills and work performance. In many cases, your current boss may be willing to serve as a reference if layoffs are imminent and current workers must secure new employment in the months to come. Compiling contact information for references and spending time discussing your current employment situation with these individuals will ensure this part of your future applications is completed, allowing your job search to go more smoothly.

As you brace yourself for a potential layoff, following the tips above can make your transition to new employment less stressful. You may even discover some different professional goals or interests as you move your career forward!

In the unfortunate event that you are impacted by layoffs, don’t worry! The team at Marquee Staffing is ready to help you take the next step in your career. Get your new job search underway with us and start learning about new employment opportunities on our job portal.