Reexamining Staffing Plans in Preparing for a Potential Recession

With an unpredictable number of layoffs expected across all industries, it’s safe to say that 2023 is certainly gearing up to be a historical year in staffing. As an employer, it’s important to have a strong staffing plan in place in the midst of a potential recession. From securing qualified talent to keeping productivity levels high, a sound staffing strategy is essential for ensuring your team is equipped to keep your company moving forward. Here are some of our top tips for reexamining staffing plans in preparation for a potential recession:

Expand your hiring qualifications.

Rather than hire employees with a narrow skill focus, consider expanding upon your required qualifications. Adding employees to your team with multifaceted experience and expertise will allow them to fulfill many responsibilities and shift into different roles or capacities as needed. Incorporating more diverse skill sets within your company can dramatically improve the quality of your workforce and ultimately create a culture that encourages more collaboration and learning – which is instrumental to both staff recruitment and retention.

Hire temporary employees.

During a recession, utilizing temporary employees can significantly alleviate your company from burdensome hiring costs and resources, such as job board fees, background checks and screenings, and onboarding. With temporary staffing, you’ll be able to scale your workforce depending on current needs and demands without overextending your hiring budget or putting additional labor pressures on your full-time team. This cost-saving measure can be one of the most impactful ways to keep your company financially sound leading up to a recession.

Invest in your workplace culture.

While the economy is largely out of your control, you can continue to proactively invest in your workplace culture. From professional development offerings to onsite training programs, there are various ways in which you can support your staff and invest in the future of your team. During a recession, companies that remain focused on the success of their people will be most equipped to navigate staffing challenges and keep their organization moving forward in a positive direction.

By reexamining your staffing practices, you can establish a plan that allows you to maintain a stable workforce even as an impending recession is expected in the months ahead.

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