Men’s Role in Supporting Women in Leadership

In honor of March being Women’s History Month, it’s important to remember and reflect on how far women have come in the workplace – and how employers can continue elevating women in leadership. Men play an especially important role in supporting women in the workforce and aiding in their growth and development. As an employer, here are some ways in which the men at your company can support women in leadership:

Promote a culture of diversity.

From hiring practices to training initiatives, promoting a culture of diversity is key for including women in aspects of the workforce – and giving them the tools to take on leadership roles. This also involves giving women at your company a safe space to share their opinions and have their questions or concerns addressed in a respectful manner. A willingness to listen to women and engage in a dialogue that furthers their aspirations and career goals is what ultimately creates a culture of inclusion for men and women alike.

Provide equal opportunities for advancement. 

While most workplaces promote equality in the workplace, it’s important to actively give men and women equal access to opportunities within your company, such as advanced roles, leadership positions, and mentorship. Promoting these opportunities to women – and giving them the ability and resources to take advantage of them – is essential for empowering women’s professional growth and providing them the launchpad to succeed. Communicating ways in which women can elevate their roles and increase their earning potential is a major part of creating an environment that fosters women’s leadership on all levels.

Recognize women’s accomplishments. 

In addition to promoting opportunities for growth, it’s just as important to recognize women for their accomplishments. Publicly showcasing the achievements of women in the workplace, such as promotions, milestones, or anniversaries, demonstrates a commitment to women’s success and leadership potential. Additionally, recognizing women’s accomplishments shows them that their unique abilities and talents are valued in the workplace and directly contribute to organizational goals.

By embracing these practices, men within your organization can support women’s leadership in a genuine and meaningful way while building a culture that gives every employee the foundation to thrive.


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