Three Ways Appreciation Can Change Your Career Outlook

While we may not always love our jobs, we mustn’t dread going to work every day. To make your job more satisfying, consider showing more appreciation in your life! Appreciation can change your outlook and make you more excited to take on each day with joy and motivation. Here are three ways in which you can switch to embracing a sense of appreciation as part of your daily work routine:

Live in the present.

If you’re constantly focused on getting to the end of the workday, true happiness will become very distant for you to obtain in your career. Making a point to live in the present – even when completing the smallest tasks – will give you a greater sense of meaning in your job. Finding meaning in doing seemingly “boring” activities and remembering the contributions you’re making to your employer can make the mundane feel extraordinary. Some tips for living more in the present at work include avoiding unnecessary distractions, prioritizing your time, and creating an inspiring workspace.

Build relationships with others at work.

Though not every coworker is going to be your best friend, taking time to build at least a few relationships with others at work can make a major difference in your job satisfaction. Bonding with those in your department or throughout your company can often result in lifelong friendships and become a wonderful social outlet as you navigate your career. Joining coworkers for lunch, engaging in the company happy hours, or participating in other gatherings can help you forge fulfilling relationships that will often extend beyond the workplace.

Reflect on your progress.

If you’re always looking over your shoulder at what you haven’t done, you’ll forget about what you have accomplished!By reflecting on your progress and appreciating how far you have come, it will motivate you to continue to excel in your role. . For example, by considering where you were in your career a year ago, you can consider what goals you’ve achieved and how you’ve improved. Even if you haven’t necessarily earned a promotion, there are likely still milestones you can celebrate. For example, if you had an opportunity to take on a new project or learn a new skill, these are achievements that should make you proud. Making a habit of reflection will help you appreciate how much progress you’ve made in your career!

Appreciation can go a long way in improving your quality of life both at home and work. From reducing your stress to forming new friendships, gratitude and appreciation will always be at the heart of career success.


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