Effective Leadership Can Impact Employee Wellbeing

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and in honor of that, there’s no better time to discuss the rise of conversations around mental health and what that looks like in the workplace. In 2023, the best leaders are those that lead in a way that supports the mental health of every member of their team. Supporting employees’ mental health needs is one of the most powerful ways in which you can invest in your employees’ overall well-being. This can have monumental effects on every aspect of your organization, from morale to productivity. Here are some strategies for how your leadership team can make mental health a top priority:

Promote work-life balance.

As an employer, promoting work-life balance among your team will foster a culture that values employees’ personal lives and well-being. You can promote work-life balance by offering flexible and remote work options, requiring employees to take paid time off, and establishing guidelines about limiting work-related communications after hours. Depending on your organization, there is a multitude of work-life balance initiatives that can be enforced to encourage your employees to recharge and feel their best.

Create a safe space for employees to express themselves.

When employees experience toxicity or various struggles within the workplace, it’s essential that they have a safe space to express their concerns with a manager. Part of fostering a culture that supports mental health involves creating a safe environment in which employees can safely discuss any difficulties they may be facing. Encouraging your employees to bring their concerns to your leadership team will allow you to address their issues and provide the necessary support before they become more out of hand. Examples of toxic situations that may have mental effects on employees may include interpersonal conflicts in the workplace, feelings of burnout, and passive-aggressive behavior.

Offer mental health benefits.

Part of a comprehensive health and wellness package should ideally include mental health benefits. There are many types of mental health benefits companies can offer, including mental health services coverage; employee assistance programs; paid mental health days off; onsite meditation sessions; paid caregiving leave; and membership program discounts. While not every benefit may be feasible for your organization, it’s important to offer at least one or two benefits that can directly help employees improve their mental health.

With the right leadership steps, you can create a workplace culture that values the mental health of employees. Most importantly, you’ll build a team of happier, more engaged employees who feel motivated to perform their jobs each day!


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