Three Ways to Win Over Generation Z Candidates

Are you aiming to increase the number of Generation Zer’s in your candidate pipeline? Known as one of the most challenging generations currently in the job market, employers must increasingly be proactive in meeting the expectations of Generation Z candidates during the hiring process and within the workplace. In many cases, this involves reassessing your company’s practices and making changes that will make your workplace more appealing to younger candidates. Consider these strategies for attracting Gen Z candidates to your organization:

Prioritize a flexible work model.

Because Gen Zer’s highly value their time over money and possessions, they often crave flexibility in their jobs so they can pursue new experiences. Employers that promote flexible work schedules and embrace non-traditional work scheduling options tend to attract a broader range of candidates who are increasingly looking for more freedom in their day-to-day work routine. Flexibility can be offered in many forms, such as remote and hybrid work models or a compressed workweek. Gen Z candidates who want more control over their work schedules will be attracted to arrangements that allow them to work when it’s most conducive for them personally.

Incorporate digital communications practices.

With Gen Zer’s being indoctrinated in the world of digital media from a young age, employers must adapt to more advanced digital tools to better accommodate the communications preferences of this generation. Incorporating digital communications practices – such as project management platforms, video conferencing, and internal chat services – can draw interest from Gen Z candidates who wish to leverage their use of technology in their careers. Fostering a culture that’s forward-thinking will demonstrate to this emerging generation that your company is committed to creating an innovative and collaborative work environment.

Emphasize career advancement.

Many Gen Zer’s don’t just desire a job for today; they’re already setting long-term goals and looking ahead to their futures. Communicating career advancement opportunities in job posts and during interviews will show these candidates the potential they have to grow within your company. In turn, they’ll be more motivated to apply for jobs and invest in their professional development within your organization. From mentorship initiatives to on-the-job training programs, offering growth opportunities will encourage Gen Z candidates to envision themselves progressing in higher roles within your company.

As Generation Z becomes more prevalent in the workforce, it’s critical to take control of your hiring and shape a culture that engages this dynamic generation for years to come.

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