Recruiting and Retaining Your Top Talent

One way to avoid the sticky problem of finding the right person for a position is to keep the best and brightest talent you have.  Retaining your top talent also helps you attract potential employees with similar capabilities and growth potential.

How do you recruit and retain the top talent for your business? Try these:

  • Know your employees and their needs.  First, identify those who are the most valuable in your business. Then, figure out what these people want and need in order to stay with your organization.  Questions you might ask include:
    • Benefits: do employees rely on health insurance or retirement savings?
    • Perks: What kind of non-traditional perks or benefits are attractive to your workers?
    • Motivation: What inspires your workers to be more productive and continue to grow in their position? Ask about promotions, education options, and other offerings.
  • Engage your team. Identifying your employee’s needs and tending to them is one way to be engaged with your workforce, but there are other ways as well. Employees like to feel that their supervisors are invested in the projects their employees are working on and are interested in their progress. They appreciate when their supervisors are engaging them in the workforce and recognize them for their hard work.
  • Recognize achievements.  Be proactive when it comes to seeing employees’ successes and sharing them.  When employees know they are valued for positive contributions as well as for avoiding mistakes, they are more likely to:
    • meet daily business objectives,
    • represent your brand image well, and
    • go the extra mile for personal and group success.
  • Identify rising stars early.  When you know who is likely to do well, you can provide the support they need to build their careers with your company and to carry your business into the future.
  • Ask your top performers to help you find talent.  People who are passionate and dedicated to their jobs frequently network with like-minded people in the same or similar fields.  Your top talent can be a great source for new employees who will be equally great contributors.
  • Work with your staffing company.  An experienced staffing recruiter can help you tackle a wide range of retention and recruiting tasks, including:
    • Policies.  Staffing companies specialize in knowing what attracts top talent to top companies.  They can help you create retention and recruiting policies that work for you.
    • Screening.  Recruiters not only match employees’ skills with companies who need them, but also pay attention to why a worker is unhappy in a current job.  The recruiter can then inform you both of a worker’s potential fit with your firm and what he or she needs in order to perform well.

At Marquee Staffing, we can help you find and keep southern California’s top talent. Contact us today to learn about how you can recruit the top talent in the industry!