Your “Employee Brand” in Your Organization

Every shopper knows products have “brands” consisting of not only a name, but also a persona. But what many people don’t realize is that each person also has an “employee brand” in the workplace.

Your “employee brand” is built on three pillars: how you treat others, how well you do your job, and your personality.  Since your brand depends strongly on how your co-workers and supervisors see you, you can’t control whether or not it exists – but you can control how it is built and what “persona” it gives you.

You can start building your own brand from the very first day on the job.  To build yourself a strong, career-driving employee brand in a new workplace, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Be yourself.  Most people can tell immediately when someone isn’t being sincere, and most people don’t respond warmly to insincerity.  While it’s important to be professional in the workplace, it’s also important to be professional in a way that genuinely reflects who you are.
  • Watch and learn.  Watching how your co-workers do their work can teach you a great deal about how to do your own job – everything from where supplies are kept to which of your co-workers is the best source for a particular question.  Paying attention to your co-workers’ tasks can also help you coordinate your own work with theirs.
  • Listen.  Both your co-workers and your supervisors are a great potential source of information you can use to build your “brand” and move forward in your career.  For instance, you may learn about opportunities to take on new projects or to advance in your position.  You may also learn where your weaknesses are and how to improve on them, making you better at your job and more valuable to your employer.
  • Go the extra mile.  Take on extra tasks in your position and for your company.  Choosing tasks you enjoy or do well can make work more enjoyable as well as build your career and help you stand out.
  • Learn the company’s mission – and embrace it.  Emulating the company’s goals and mission helps brand you as a person who fits well into the organization and shares its best interests – a persona that can help you find and keep a long-term position.

Still have questions about creating your “brand”? The southern California recruitment team at Marquee Staffing can help you create an employee brand that showcases your specific skills and talents.  Contact us today to learn more.