How to Become a “Top” Candidate

It’s right in front of you: a posting for your dream job.  The requirements read like your resume, and the timing couldn’t be better for your career.  You pounce on the opportunity, sending a response the same day you see the job is posted.  It’s your dream position – but how do you ensure that you’re one of the employer’s dream candidates as well?

In today’s job market, even “niche” postings are often inundated by candidates.  Some are merely playing the field, but others may have experience and education to rival your own.  How do you stand out in the recruiting process as a “top” candidate in your field?  Consider the following tips:

  • Diversify.  Diversifying your skills can make you more well rounded.  Well-rounded candidates are highly attractive to employers, particularly those who are seeking to fill skills gaps not only in a posted job listing but also in other areas of the organization.  If you’re not currently in a job, volunteer position, or hobby that lets you develop skills specifically related to your job, use the time instead to work on “soft skills” like communication, negotiation, and time management.
  • Become an expert.  Is there a particular topic or niche in your field that you particularly love, that you’ve worked hard to grasp, or that you’re particularly good at?  Any of these can open the door to positioning yourself as an expert in your field.
  • Expand your skills.  Continuing education, certifications, and additional licenses all offer ways to expand your skills, making you stand out among candidates in your field.  If you’ve been unemployed or are working in a job that’s not directly on your career path, continuing education or earning additional certifications can help establish your interest and expertise in your field, even though you haven’t been working in it recently.
  • Work with a recruiter.  An experienced recruiter can help you identify and reach your career goals – starting with what it takes to be seen as a “top” candidate.

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