Growing Your Career in the Medical Device Industry

The medical device industry is one of the fastest-growing segments of the U.S. economy.  If you’re working in this industry, you understand how working in a fast-growing industry drives the need to develop your own skills and experience accordingly – or risk being left behind.

How can you expand your career in the medical device industry and take the next step on your professional path?  Consider the following tips:

  • Network.  Whether you are new to the medical device field or have worked in it for several years, you’re connected to a great many people: coworkers, supervisors, family members, and friends.  Don’t hesitate to talk enthusiastically about your successes and to remind your social and professional circles when you are looking to take the next step on your career ladder.
  • Leverage the power of the Internet.  LinkedIn, the social media site designed for career-building, offers unparalleled opportunities to meet like-minded medical device industry experts, talk about emerging developments in your field, and keep your eye on movements that may lead to the job opening you want most.  Polish your profile on LinkedIn and other social media sites, and join in discussions about job-related topics to expand your personal network and make learning a lifelong process.
  • Seize professional development opportunities.  Classes, seminars, and publication opportunities all give you the chance to build important skills that also look great on your resume when it comes to seeking a promotion or changing employers.
  • Talk to a recruiter.  Staffing firms that specialize in the medical device industry give you a step up when it comes to looking for the next rung of your career ladder.  Your staffing partner won’t merely match you with suitable job openings; instead, you will work together to polish your resume, brush up on your interview skills, plan your career path, and find job openings with great companies that support how you work as well as what you do.

To learn more about how you can get the most from your career planning, talk to one of the experienced recruiters at Marquee Staffing.  We specialize in helping California medical device industry professionals take the career steps that are best for them.  Contact us today to learn more!