How to Pick an IT Staffing Partner

Finding the information technology (IT) talent you need can be tough.  Qualified IT professionals are in increasingly short supply in many local markets, including southern California.  By teaming up with a staffing firm that specializes in placing IT professionals, you increase your chances of finding the top talent your company needs.

If you’ve never worked with a recruiting firm before, you may be uncertain how to choose one.  Here are five top questions to ask when choosing an IT staffing firm:

  1. Does the firm have expertise in the local market?  Firms with a local focus understand the challenges and opportunities in the same market in which your company competes daily.  They know what types of talent are available and what skills are needed to succeed in your market.
  2. What available resources does the staffing firm have? The best staffing firms have the resources to help you with a wide range of hiring concerns, and they don’t restrict their expertise merely to recommending job candidates.  Whether you need contract, contract-to-hire, or direct hire placements, or need to create a plan before choosing the candidate you need, your staffing partner can help.
  3. In what fields does the staffing firm specialize? In addition to knowing your local market, the best staffing partners know your industry.  They may focus on providing top IT talent in just one or two areas, such as information security or cloud computing, in order to ensure they develop the depth of experience and knowledge needed to offer superior advice and services.
  4. Does the firm have a well-established talent pool? Established IT staffing firms have been cultivating their talent pool for years.  They have access not only to “active” job-seekers who are looking for a new job, but also to “passive” IT professionals who are not actively looking, but who will take a new position if the right one comes along.  This combination of active and passive seekers creates a depth of skill, expertise, and quality in the talent pool that works to the benefit of each company that works with the staffing firm.
  5. Can the staffing partners help my organization strategize on hiring? Staffing firms specialize in helping companies tackle the challenges of hiring: not merely finding the people they need, but also creating the strategic staffing plan that will help them choose the best people in both the short and long term.

At Marquee Staffing, our experienced IT recruiters have the resources and expertise to help you create short- and long-term strategic staffing plans, as well as the talent pool from which to draw the skilled individuals your work requires.  Contact us today to learn more!