Six Advantages of Open Communication Lines in the Workplace

Every manager is aware of the need for open and frequent communication.  “Communication” is a key “soft skill” that is part and parcel of most interviews and is expected of any top candidate.

With all this emphasis on “communication” as a whole, managers can easily miss two key questions:

  • Why does our company need open communication?
  • How can we improve open communication in our workplace?

Benefits of Open Communication

Communication, as its name implies, is a two-way process.  Open communication lines between staff and managers are key to maximizing productivity and motivation among your employees.  Open communications promote values like:

  • Transparency.  Employees who feel they can talk to one another and to their managers without fear of reprisal are more likely to be proactive in identifying potential problems and solving them before any negative effects can manifest.  Employees who are kept informed about obstacles in the company’s future can also generate innovative ideas for solving those problems.
  • Conflict resolution.  Conflict among individuals who work together is unavoidable, but constructive conflict resolution takes effort.  Open communication lines engender the kind of trust and comfort that employees need to resolve conflicts among themselves.  They also make it easier for management to step in when a conflict is too big for workers to solve on their own.
  • Innovation.  The more information employees have, the better they can handle every potential problem, from interpersonal conflict to solving client and customer problems.  Open communication makes information widely available, improving the results of worker innovation and problem-solving.

Taking Advantage of Open Communication in the Workplace

A company’s open communication plan is only as good as the people who implement it.  Both managers and workers have a role to play when it comes to building and maintaining open communication in the workplace.

Managers can improve open communication with employees by implementing an open-door policy and by having regular one-on-one meetings with employees as well as holding the regular meetings necessary to move business forward.  For workers, taking the initiative to share information with team members and communicating regularly with management can help keep the lines of communication open.

At Marquee Staffing, our experienced recruiters can help you find the communicators who can open up the lines and keep your company’s employees working well together.  Contact us today to learn more.