Bad Habits? The Three Worst Workplace Habits You Can Have

Everyone has one or two bad habits.  Most people are aware of their bad habits and take active steps to correct them.  When your worst habits involve work, however, they can drag down your career – or worse.

If you’re suffering from any of these workplace habits, now is a great time to renew your commitment to replacing them with good work habits that support your career and let your work speak for itself:


Procrastination might be the most common bad workplace habit, but it is also one of the worst.  When you put work off until the last minute, you leave yourself no leeway if something goes wrong or is more difficult to complete than you thought it would be.  Even the smallest obstacle can force you to miss a deadline, putting your reputation and your job in jeopardy.

Kick procrastination by making it a habit to plan ahead and to stick to your daily schedule.  Plan projects for completion before their actual “due date.”  If something does go wrong, you’ll still have time to finish the task before it’s due.

Taking advantage of leeway

We all know someone whose behavior fits the old proverb “Give him an inch, and he’ll take a mile.”  If your employer gives you an “inch” in the form of flexible timing or a lenient dress code, avoid using the situation as an excuse to take a “mile.”  Instead, watch what your supervisor does and follow along.  If your supervisor arrives at 8:30 a.m., show up at the same time instead of waltzing in the door an hour later.  If your supervisor’s idea of “business casual” always involves a well-ironed shirt and dress shoes, yours should be the same.

Becoming the “no man”

Many workplaces have their version of the “yes man,” the employee who agrees unquestioningly with everything the boss recommends.  While it’s not wise to become the “yes man,” it is equally unwise to become the “no man” – the employee who feels the need to play “devil’s advocate” in every meeting, who gives negative feedback in the harshest terms, and who responds to unusual requests with “that’s not in my job description.”  A little flexibility and critical thinking can go a long way in the workplace.

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