Staffing for Culture: What Should You Look For?

When hiring managers look for a new hire, they naturally search for a person who has the skills and experience necessary to perform the job’s “core” functions exceptionally.  But they aren’t the only essential consideration.

While technical and professional skills are a must for any employee, hiring managers who stop with this analysis do their organization a disservice.  Candidates who perform well technically but are a poor cultural “fit” are more likely to leave the organization after only a few months or years, imposing the high costs of turnover on the company.  They are also less likely to perform their best while they are on the job, reducing overall productivity and innovation.

How can you ensure a great cultural “fit” with your next candidate?  Consider the following tips:

  • Know your culture.  Just as you would create a job description to launch a hiring search, create a “culture description” to help you identify candidates who will fit well with your company’s values, work methods, and goals.  Talk to your current staff to learn more about their daily operating “norms” and what kind of personality traits they value in their co-workers.  These traits provide valuable insight into your company’s culture and the kind of person your search should look for.
  • Interview for “fit.”  During the interview process, include questions that seek information about candidates’ behavior, work habits, and personality traits.  Their answers can tell you more about how well the candidate will fit with your current staff and the organization as a whole.
  • Work with your staffing partner.  Staffing firms specialize in identifying top talent in their industry and matching candidates with employers.  They also specialize in evaluating company cultures and finding candidates who fit with a particular culture.  The more information you share with your staffing partner about your company’s culture, the better your staffing partner’s results.

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