Three Traits That Promise Success in the Medical Device Industry

The medical device industry is growing strong, leaving many companies scrambling to find qualified candidates for a number of positions. While not every candidate has experience in medical devices specifically, any candidate can flourish in the medical device industry with the right set of qualifications and abilities.

By looking for the traits that promise success in the industry, hiring managers can improve the quality of the insights they gain in the interview process and make better hiring decisions. Here are three questions to ask in order to get an “inside view” at the strength of three traits that successful medical device industry professionals share:

  1. “Describe a recent success. How did you accomplish it?” Many candidates will come to an interview without medical device experience – but they will have experience in sales, management, research, and other areas that translate well into the medical device industry. Gather information about their transferable skills by asking about what they’ve accomplished and how. As they describe the process they took to reach a particular goal, you’ll be able to determine how similar skills and thought processes will fit with the needs of the position and the culture of the company.
  2. “What interests you most about working in this industry?” Candidates who know something about the company demonstrate an interest in the position they’re interviewing for. Candidates who know something about the medical device industry, however, also demonstrate the initiative to learn something about a specialized field with which they may never have had contact before – or, if they have, will draw on their experience to talk about their work. This kind of interest, initiative, and enthusiasm tends to make candidates happier with their work and more likely to stay with the company in the long term.
  3. “Tell me something you’ve learned recently.” The medical device industry is a cutting-edge field. Success in any position within the field requires a willingness to keep learning and growing. The knowledge or skill the candidate talks about in his or her answer is not nearly as important as the candidate’s enthusiasm about the learning process, how recently the new knowledge or skill was learned, and how the candidate talks about the learning process overall. Look for candidates who love to learn new things and enjoy mastering and sharing new knowledge.

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