Summer Vacations Leaving You Short-Staffed? Here’s What You Should Do

Summer can be a tough time for productivity. The beautiful weather has your staff thinking of excursions on sunny beaches, and the annual round of summer vacation plans means that you’re without one or more key staff members for most or even all of the summer.

You can’t maintain productivity by denying your staff the chance to recharge – but you can’t let key projects go unfinished while they rest, either. How can you keep motivation and productivity high when summer vacation plans leave your organization short-staffed? Talk to your recruiter!

Staffing Partners Understand Your Needs

Most companies think of their staffing firm as a source for direct-hire candidates, or a source for temporary staff with specialized skills needed only for specific projects. The more you communicate with your staffing partner, however, the more you equip them to meet your company’s needs.

A staffing partner that knows what kind of help you need and when can connect you with qualified temporary staff who can step in for the weeks or months when help is short. They can connect you to staff who have planned their vacations around your needs, rather than in the middle of them, and who have the skills to step in and make sure your organization’s day to day needs are met.

Staffing Partners Are Flexible

Temporary staff don’t have to be hired long-term – but they can be. By working with a staffing partner, you give your organization the opportunity not only to tap into a source of qualified talent when you need it, but also to learn your long-term needs. Your staffing partner can help you create a strategic staffing plan, then choose temporary staff today that can help your company evaluate potential new employees and meet your long-term goals tomorrow.

To get the most from your relationship with your staffing partner and meet your summer hiring needs, communicate! Touch base with your recruiter to discuss your options.

At Marquee Staffing, our experienced recruiters in Orange County and beyond can help you find the people you need when you need them, in both the short term and the long term. Contact us today to learn more, or request an employee today!