Was Taking This Job a Mistake?

The excitement of taking a new job often produces a feeling of elation in the first few days. Once this wears off, however, a few rough moments and struggles with the learning curve can replace elation with a looming feeling that you’re in the wrong job.

When this feeling just won’t go away, what should you do?

When Is It Too Soon To Tell?

You may spend hours researching an employer and ask all the right questions in the interview, only to find that the job is not the right fit once you’re in the door. Or a job may be perfect for you at the start, only to change over time as bosses come and go, funding for your department changes, or the company decides to go in a new direction.

If you’ve just taken a new job, postpone the “final decision” about job fit until you’ve learned the ropes and worked on cultivating real relationships with your colleagues – about three months. Getting “up to speed” in any new job can be tough, and bad days should be expected. As long as you’re not in physical or psychological danger, stick with the job until you have a good sense of where you stand.

This Job is Definitely Wrong for Me. What Should I Do?

First, don’t feel as if you are obligated to stick with a job you hate. You found this job and landed it, which means you can find a new job and land that one as well. To avoid re-creating the “wrong job” scenario, consider working with a recruiter. Your recruiter will:

  • Consider your work style and preferred workplace culture when matching you with employers,
  • Help you identify why your current job is the wrong fit, and remember this while helping you find a new job, and
  • Keep your job search confidential, helping you avoid awkward questions from your current co-workers or boss.

While you search for a new job, try to look at your current position objectively. What can you learn from the workplace or the people in it? If the job is too easy, what can you do with your spare energy – take a class, volunteer for a cause you care about, spend more time with your family? What does this job tell you about what you don’t want? Ask these questions to turn a stumbling block into a learning experience.

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