What Areas of Expertise Do Tomorrow’s IT Specialists Need?

Information technology (IT) is an ever-changing field. Since the field’s beginnings, IT specialists have needed to be quick learners, systematic thinkers, and innovators.

While these qualities haven’t dropped from the list of top IT specialist abilities, the areas of expertise in which IT specialists need to have a working knowledge continue to evolve. Here are three areas that have become major concerns to most employers – and which provide the biggest opportunities for IT professionals seeking to expand their skill sets into the careers they desire:

Big data management

Companies large and small increasingly rely on their abilities to gather and parse data – in ever-growing quantities. IT professionals who understand how “big data” works, how it is managed, and how to make it accessible in an effective way to non-IT specialists gain a considerable advantage over IT team members who have not given any attention to big data management questions.

One way to start acquainting yourself with big data management issues is to seek temporary or contract work on a big-data project that utilizes your already-existing skill set. Your recruiter can help you find such jobs.

Cloud computing

With the rise of the Internet, mobile devices, and cloud computing, some business analysts are predicting that “the office” will become a thing of the past. While IT professionals don’t need to have an opinion on this philosophical outlook, they do need to master the details of cloud computing, telecommunications, and mobile device hardware and software. If your concerns have focused on internal networks, databases, operating systems, or hardware, it may be time to brush up on the ever-expanding “cloud.”


Hand in hand with the rise of cloud computing comes the rise of security concerns. Suddenly, information confidentiality and access is no longer focused on a single server, network, or location. Instead, security risks are everywhere, from the development of improved firewalls and other tools to instructing staff on why their personal smartphone needs to be password-protected.

One of the top concerns about security for IT professionals in the coming years? Communication. IT staff who can effectively teach non-tech-savvy workers about the security risks and how to protect sensitive information will be in high demand among companies that want all their workers to access technology’s benefits without exposing the company to undue risk.

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