How to Craft a Job Searching Checklist

When you’re looking for a new job, a checklist can help you stay on track, uncover hidden opportunities, and find a great job in less time. But how do you create one?

Here are some steps to start creating your own checklist, along with a sample checklist to help you focus on job-search success.

Creating Your Own Checklist

When building your own checklist, keep these questions in mind:

  • How does it help me? Add items to your checklist only if they help move your job search forward. If you can’t explain the value of the item on the list in relationship to your job search, cross it off – or learn more about it to determine whether it really will be valuable for you.
  • How will I know when I can cross this off? “Network more” is a tough goal to put on your checklist. What does it mean? How will you know when you have finished it and can safely cross it off? Instead, make checklist items specific and measurable. “Meet for coffee with 2 networking contacts before Friday” is a task you can complete in a week, and you’ll know when you have.
  • How will I keep track of my progress? In addition to your checklist, keep a journal or log that lists the specific steps you’ve taken each day to meet each task. For instance, if your checklist reminds you to research ten new target companies this week, list in your log which companies you researched and what your impressions were.
  • What haven’t I tried? It pays to try something new at least once per week while you’re searching for a new job. Perhaps you can volunteer with a new organization to learn a new skill or keep your current job skills sharp, set up a profile on LinkedIn to connect with like-minded professionals online, or reach out to a staffing firm to find out what jobs are on their radar.

A Sample Checklist

  1. Meet for coffee with 2 networking contacts before the end of the week.
  2. Research 10 target companies.
  3. Set up my LinkedIn profile.
  4. Search for and follow up on 10 potential contacts on LinkedIn.
  5. Volunteer at least one hour of my time.
  6. Complete at least one job-search document: resume, short bio, personal marketing plan.

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