Ask a Recruiter: “Should I Apply to a Company That Already Turned Me Down?”

Picture this: Last year, you fired off a resume to a company you’d love to work for. The job description was a perfect fit, you were available and ready for work – but the answer was “no thanks.”

Now, that company has posted an opening in the same field. You’d love to apply, but one question holds you back: Should you apply again when the company has already turned you down once?

More often than not, the answer is “yes!” Here’s why:

  1. You’ve changed. If it’s been more than a few months since you last applied, your resume should have some new lines. You may not have been promoted or changed jobs, but chances are good that you’ve tackled a new work project, joined a new volunteer group, or attended a conference or class in your field – especially if you’re actively committed to expanding your job skills. It’s worth updating the company on your progress, and the new job posting offers the perfect opportunity.
  2. The company has changed. Even if the company promised to keep your resume “on file,” send it in again, with an updated cover letter. The managers in charge of hiring for this round may not be the same people who hired before – and even if they are, they may not remember you and your application. Think of the new job posting as an opportunity to start a new conversation, as well as to revive the old one: “I’m so interested in working for you that I decided to apply again, even though I did not receive an offer last time.”
  3. You may not know where you “ranked” last time. In a tough job market, your resume might have climbed nearly to the top of the pile, only to be overshadowed by one or two stellar candidates, an internal hire, or someone whom management just felt was a better “fit” at that moment. But times change, and in a more competitive market or with new managers, your resume might move from number four on the list to number one. You won’t know until you apply!

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