How HR/Staffing Technology Can Help Your Team

Human resources technologies have revolutionized the way many companies hire new staff members.  When leveraged effectively, these tech options can also help you reduce the need for new hires by improving productivity, providing clear metrics for staffing, and helping staff members do their best work.

How can human resources technology help your organization?  Consider these options:

  1. Cloud-based HR software makes it easier to access and track data. As companies replace older human resources systems with new, cloud-based systems, accessing, recording, and tracking information on employee performance and productivity has become easier than ever.  Cloud-based systems also allow companies to offer flex time and telecommuting options to employees more easily, which allows your staff to maintain a work-life balance while still allowing their supervisors to track their output.
  1. HR Technology makes time for more strategic tasks. Managers have a full load of their own business responsibilities in addition to the work they do keeping track of information about each staff member.  When all this information is consolidated into a single system, keeping track of information becomes easier.  Generating the data needed to create strategic staffing plans or to find the best new candidate to replace an outgoing staff member can be done with just a few clicks.  This gives managers the time to focus on the tasks they do best, instead of chasing endless rounds of paperwork.
  1. Technological platforms can help businesses build engagement. One of the top traits separating younger workers from previous generations is the new generation’s desire for information access and regular feedback.  Younger workers are “digital natives,” used to being able to find what they need via their smartphones and tablets when they need it.  When an HR technology software offers social portals, new spaces open up for collaboration and feedback, which help integrate workers and keep them “on the same page” no matter where they are.
  1. Better data management helps recruiters find the talent you need. Need a new staff member – or to create a new position – but aren’t sure where to start?  With the right HR software, reports and talent management are easier than ever, allowing you to share information with your staffing firm more effectively.  The more your staffing partner knows about your business’s needs and the characteristics of its top performers, the easier it is for your recruiter to match you with top talent that offers a great cultural fit.

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