Social Media Job Search Advice for IT Pros

IT professionals specialize in tackling some of the toughest tech problems – often under intense time pressures and with limited resources.  So while many people outside the IT world are surprised when IT pros haven’t kept their social media up to date, it’s not unusual.

If you’re looking for a great new position in the IT field, however, updating your social media profile is a time investment that can pay off.  Not only does social media offer the opportunity to network, it also plays a role in the hiring decisions that an increasing number of hiring managers make.

Here’s how to make your social media job search work for you:

  1. Brush up your profile. Make sure you have a professional headshot, that your credentials are up to date, and that you’re posting timely and relevant information about your career field periodically.  One or two updates per week are sufficient for most job searches.  Use your privacy settings to screen content and control what others see.
  1. Get to know LinkedIn. Increasing numbers of recruiters and companies are using LinkedIn to find IT and other professionals.  Leverage the capabilities of this site to their best potential by filling out your profile, updating weekly, and taking part in the various professional conversations happening on the site.  And don’t forget to connect with companies you’d love to work for!
  1. Consider blogging. If you enjoy writing and have a good sense of what non-IT audiences need to know, blogging might be the way you set yourself apart from similar workers in your field.  The ability to communicate about tech-heavy topics with non-tech audiences is increasingly prized in the IT world, especially in companies that are looking for techs who can grow into leadership positions.  Remember to raise your blog’s profile by linking to your latest posts on your social media networks, and to engage with commenters in a professional tone in order to spur conversation and establish yourself as a thoughtful contributor to the field.

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