The 5-Step Guide for Organizing Your Job Search

Whether you’re just out of school and looking for a new job, or you’ve been searching for a while, getting organized is one of the most overlooked keys to running a successful job search. It’s all too easy to get overwhelmed and in today’s economy, even a little depressed, if your search efforts don’t pan out right away.

Here are a few great tips to make finding a job much easier.

  1. Get your resume ready – You’re going to need to polish your resume and make sure it’s ready and updated. Don’t forget to include pertinent information such as any volunteer work you’ve done, classes or certifications you have, or anything else that will help cast you in the light of a must-have candidate.
  2. Update your social profiles – Everything is going social and that includes looking for a job. Sure, there are plenty of job sites out there and that’s still a great way to find a job. However, more employers are relying on social media to help them source new candidates and research applicants. Make sure your profiles are professional and don’t contain any information that could hinder your search.
  3. Set up a daily routine – Having a routine will help make you more productive and force you to keep a good schedule. Set up a time each day to search for new openings and make sure you stay on task. If you’re looking online, it’s all too easy to get distracted. Set aside other times for tracking your applications (more on that shortly) as well as time for responding to employers.
  4. Use a tracking system – If you have a lot of applications going out, you’re going to need a way to track which companies have received them and where you are in each step of the process. You can use an app, or even a simple spreadsheet. Include information such as the company name, the date you applied, the person of contact, and any other pertinent information. Don’t forget to keep this updated – this is your official record of your search and the place you should be checking every day to stay on top of your hunt.
  5. Set reminders for follow-ups – Employers appreciate candidates who take the time to follow-up after an interview. In fact, if you really want to impress, take the time to do a hand written thank you note.

By taking the route of getting everything organized before you even start to search for a new job, you’ll find your search will be much easier and much more productive. If you are looking for a job in Southern California, contact the recruiting team at Marquee Staffing today!

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