The Straightforward Checklist for Auditing Your Company Policies

The new year means new goals, new resolutions…and a host of “housekeeping” chores for your business.

In addition to conducting annual performance reviews and rearranging the filing cabinets to hold this year’s data, it’s important to take some time to review and audit company policies. Make sure that policies accurately reflect the standards to which employees are held and that they are stated in plain language. And when in doubt, consult an attorney or other qualified professional for advice on specific points.

Company policies that benefit from a yearly audit include:


Unlike orientation, which gives employees essential information quickly, onboarding is a process that may take weeks or months, depending on the specifics of the position. Updating your onboarding policies annually helps ensure that you’re giving new employees the support they need to do their best work more quickly.

Social Media

Social media changes quickly, which means your policies surrounding it must be audited regularly to ensure they are effective and that they meet any changes in the law surrounding social media and the workplace. Make sure your policy addresses who is in charge of the company’s social media accounts, how comments or messages are to be handled, and what types of content may be included on the social media networks.

Vacation and PTO

The return of your employees to their normal work hours after the winter holidays is a great time to take a second look at your vacation and paid time off (PTO) policies. What is working well? What caused unnecessary headaches? Make sure your policy accurately states how many days employees accrue for vacation or PTO each year, how those days off are accrued, and a specific, concrete process for submitting and evaluating vacation and PTO requests.

Attendance and Tardiness

The “winter doldrums,” inclement weather, colds and flu, and other events can increase absenteeism during the winter months. Ensure that attendance and tardiness policies specify what “counts” as a “closed” day for bad weather, how employees will be notified of a weather-related closure, whether any “essential employees” must report, and how sick leave, excessive lateness, or excessive absences will be handled.

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