How to Find a Great Job in the Medical Device Industry in SoCal

The medical device industry is booming. Many companies in Southern California work within the medical device industry, taking innovative approaches to healthcare and developing breakthrough treatments to improve quality of life for ill or disabled individuals.

If you’re looking at the medical device industry for your next career move, here’s how to find a great job in this growing field:

  1. Connect with professionals in the field. Start by connecting with professionals, including hiring managers, who work in the medical device industry. Follow medical device companies with SoCal offices on LinkedIn, join discussion groups, and start building connections with those who are already working in these businesses. You can demonstrate your knowledge and ask for help finding a position in the field.
  2. Learn everything you can. The medical device industry moves quickly. A strong background in your functional field plus a thorough understanding of the products, services, and processes that SoCal companies specialize in will put you ahead of the pack when applying for jobs in this field. Read trade publications that focus on the medical device industry, attend conferences and seminars, and leverage the power of the Internet to learn all you can about these companies and their work.
  3. Foreground your “soft skills.” Teamwork skills, analytical decision-making abilities, and experience working with customers and consumers in the medical field are highly prized transferable or “soft skills” in the medical device industry. If you’re just breaking into the field, adapt your application materials to foreground your accomplishments in these areas and discuss how those achievements will translate into value for a medical device employer.
  4. Work with a recruiter. Many staffing firms specialize in connecting professionals with employers in the medical device industry. Choose a staffing partner who knows these companies well and who can help you find a job that fits your abilities, work ethic, and career goals. Your recruiter can help you tailor your application to the industry’s demands and make a great impression during your interviews.

At Marquee Staffing, our experienced recruiters connect professionals with great employers in the medical device industry and other fields in SoCal. Contact us today to learn more about our job opportunities in Southern California.