Receive Two Job Offers? Here’s How to Decide Between Them

The Holy Grail at the end of every job search is the job offer. So what do you do when at the end of your quest, you find your goal twice – two job offers from competing companies?

If you’re weighing two job offers, here’s how to tip the scales toward the better fit for you:

  1. Compare the total compensation packages. Salary is an important consideration – but it’s only one important consideration. To determine which employer is actually offering you more value for your work, compare the entire compensation package – salary, bonuses, commissions, healthcare, retirement savings, vacation, sick leave, and “nontraditional” benefits like flextime.
  2. Look at growth opportunities. The highest-paying job may not be worthwhile in the long run if it represents a “dead end.” Likewise, a job that offers a lower salary now may pay off big in the future by being just the first step on a clearly defined career ladder. Look for each company’s investment in items like tuition reimbursement, on-site training, stipends for conference participation, a solid mentorship program, or a hire-from-within ethos. If both companies are equally devoted to developing their employees’ talents, evaluate which path more closely aligns with your career goals or the opportunities you’re seeking.
  3. Examine your own need for work-life balance. What stage of your career have you reached? What’s going on in your family and home life? What sort of flexibility do you need and want from your job in order to maintain a work-life balance? If setting boundaries between your work and your personal life is a priority for you, the company that offers more opportunities to do so may be the best fit for you – even if the salary is lower.
  4. Talk it through. If you’re just not sure which to choose or where to begin, talk to your recruiter. Staffing firms specialize in knowing all the details about the industries they serve, which includes knowing which offers are competitive.

At Marquee Staffing, our SoCal-based recruiters can help you find jobs with great local employers – and make the crucial choice between job offers. Contact us today to learn more.