How to Advance Your Medical Device Career in Southern California

The medical device field is booming. Great leaps forward in medical technologies, combined with an aging population, mean the demand for new and innovative medical devices will continue to climb in the coming years. Whether you’re already in the medical device field or wish to make an entry, here’s how to advance your career with some of the best SoCal companies:

  1. Improve your skills. The medical device field is constantly changing, which means the best professionals in the field must continually update their knowledge in order to stay current. Consider where you want to go next, and focus on learning the skills that will take you there. For instance, if you want to move into management, focus on leadership and communication; if you want to specialize, start “digging in” to a particular topic.
  2. Consider a specialist position. The conventional path forward in a career is into management – but not everyone wants to be in charge of leading the team. If you’d rather dig deeper than become broader, consider finding an employer or position that allows you to specialize. Specialists become the “local experts” for the medical device companies they serve, and can gain considerable boosts in both compensation and respect in the process.
  3. Explore your options with contract positions. If you’re not ready to “settle down” with a particular employer or path of advancement, consider using contract work as a way to explore your options, hone your skills, and expand your professional network. Contract work allows you to choose the projects you focus on, find out whether a particular employer or team is the right “fit” for you, and continue your own projects or job search on the side – while getting paid to do so.
  4. Work with a recruiter. Staffing firms that focus on placing professionals with medical device companies in SoCal can help you find the position and employer that offer the right “fit” for you. Your recruiter looks not only at your skills and goals, but also at your personality and work ethic to help you find an employer that supports you in doing your best work.

At Marquee Staffing, our experienced recruiters can help you move your medical device industry career forward. Contact us today to learn more about our medical device job opportunities in Southern California.