6 Benefits of Using Temporary Staffing Services

Whether you’re facing a seasonal rush, transitioning within your company or simply need to finish a large specialized project, working with a recruiter to find qualified temp staff can significantly ease your burden. Here’s how.

  1. Temp workers offer a productivity “boost.” Temporary workers are goal-oriented and know they have only a short time to finish a big task. This makes them more likely to produce and less likely to “goof off” on the clock.  During a busy period, the fresh energy and focus of temporary employees can help you get things done.
  2. Temporary staff are available in every field. No matter what training or skill sets you need a temporary staff member to have, staff exist to help you meet that need. Your recruiter knows who is available and who will offer the best “fit” with your existing staff.
  3. Temp workers can cover for staff who are on vacation. Summer means vacation time for most of your staff – but with appropriate temp help in place, you can ensure that the business stays on track, even when your staff are getting their much-needed rest. Meet your goals and get your existing staff back refreshed and ready to work at the same time.
  4. Temporary help can support your existing staff and prevent burnout. Having an extra set of hands available protects your top performers from stress and burnout during a time of transition or a big project. When the “storm” has passed, you return to your regular staffing levels, allowing you to control costs.
  5. Temp contracts let you take new staff for a “trial run.” Develop a relationship with a candidate and see how they do on the job – before you commit to a long-term relationship! If you’re looking to hire a permanent candidate “eventually,” starting with temporary staff as you transition to needing a long-term person can help you find the best new team member available.
  6. Your recruiter handles the paperwork. In most cases, your staffing agency will be a temporary worker’s “employer of record.” This means they will handle the paperwork, screening, drug testing, and other tasks. You can bring in the capabilities you need without increasing headcount.

At Marquee Staffing, our recruiters can help you find the temporary staff you need to reach your summer goals – and more. Contact us today to learn more about our temporary staffing services in Orange County and beyond.