5 Ways Your Company (and You!) Can Make a Difference This Summer

During the summer, you’ve got projects to complete and goals to reach – but you also want to be able to spend time outdoors, helping your community.  How can you achieve the best of both worlds?  Here are five ways you and your company can have fun by giving back this summer.

  1. Barbecue for a benefit. Whether you set up a BBQ picnic as a fundraiser or volunteer to cook a meal for a group of people in need, outdoor cooking brings together the best of summer and the joy of making a difference – plus great food!
  2. Walk, run, or play sports for the cure. Summer schedules for many charities abound with runs, walks, and other events. Form a team at your workplace and raise money for an important cause. You’ll also get to spend time in the sun, contribute to your own wellness, and get to know people outside of the office.
  3. Sponsor an event. Talk to your company about sponsoring a fundraising or other charity event. Sponsorship can involve as much or as little “hands-on” work as your team wants to take on, from simply making a donation to volunteering space, supplies, and time for a cause.
  4. Put together “summer fun” baskets for needy families. While many businesses create Thanksgiving or Christmas baskets for needy families during the holidays, fewer of them think about the rest of the year. Put items like sunblock, sunglasses, swimsuits, hats and bug spray, along with other essentials, into a gift box for local families in need.
  5. Double up on giving to a local food bank. Food banks often face their highest demand for food in the summer, when local schools are closed and the family must meet all of their children’s meal needs every day. Hold a food drive to help local food banks meet this need. Collecting highly needed but little-donated items like diapers in all sizes, feminine hygiene products, and sliced bread can be particularly beneficial. And many food banks can make a cash donation go further than an in-kind one.

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