Love Your Job but Feeling Stalled? Here’s What to Do

If you love your job and your co-workers, admitting that you feel “stuck” can be tough.  Once you see it, you know you have to make a decision: Will you try to keep your career moving forward in your current workplace, or will you leave behind great people and a great atmosphere to try your luck somewhere else?

If you’re feeling stalled in your career, abandoning your current employer isn’t your only option.  Here are several ways to get your path moving forward again:

Build a case for a promotion.

Dig out your notes from your most recent performance review and look at them again.  Did you get concrete advice on how to prepare for a promotion?  If so, talk to your manager about how you’re doing.  Bring evidence that you’re meeting or exceeding the standards that were set, and it’s time for you to move forward.

If you didn’t get concrete advice on taking your next career step, schedule a meeting with your manager to ask about specific steps you can take to show you are ready for more responsibility.

Consider a lateral move.

In many companies, the way “forward” is also the way “sideways.”  If you’re feeling bored by your current work but don’t really want to make the leap into management or additional responsibilities, ask about moving into a specialist position in your own department or into another department that needs someone with your skills.  A lateral move gives you opportunities to learn, expand your skills, and gain a deeper understanding of what the company does.

Volunteer to take on a new project.

If you’re still working for a promotion or you want to stay put, simply ask whether anyone has a project that they need completed or would like help in finishing.  Just by saying, “I’m available for new work,” you increase your chances of finding an engaging new challenge, and you demonstrate you’re committed to helping your team do its best.

Talk to a recruiter.

A staffing firm that specialized in placing professionals in your field and industry can help you get a clear view of the options in SoCal.  Your recruiter can help you uncover opportunities you haven’t considered, or take a look at companies that offer the same great culture and the advancement track you want.

At Marquee Staffing, our experienced recruiters can help you find a job you’ll love with a company that will keep your career momentum going strong.  Contact us today to learn more about our job opportunities in Irvine and beyond.