5 Signs Your Hiring Plan Is Letting You Down

You’ve developed a mission, set goals, and created a hiring plan to help you find the people you need – yet recruiting is still struggling.  Resumes don’t line up with job postings, top candidates drop out of the process, and your new hires struggle to “fit in” with the rest of the team.  What’s going on?

Even if hiring has improved, it still may fall short of what you need to reach your business goals.  Here are five signs that it’s time to review your hiring plan:

Most of the resumes you receive end up in the circular file.

When you post a job opening, the resumes you receive should all fit the basic requirements of the job.  Your goal, when skimming through them, should be to find the strongest among a slate of viable candidates – not to “weed out” the candidates who don’t have a chance.

Double-check your job postings to make sure their language is clear, or ask your recruiter to help you draft a posting that brings in the people you need.

Candidates drop out or disappear before the end of the hiring round.

You’ve started identifying your strongest candidates with a sense of dread rather than anticipation.  Sure, they look fantastic on paper and charm everyone in the room at the interview – but the better they do, the more likely it is they’ll disappear before you can extend a job offer.

If this seems familiar, look at shortening your hiring process.  Top candidates tend to get offers quickly, so move quickly to be the company that extends that offer, rather than the one who gets their regrets.

The candidate you interviewed doesn’t seem to be the same person you hired.

In the interview, the candidate seemed enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and comfortable.  On the job, they’re anxious, grumpy, or ham-fisted.  What happened?

Interviewing is a skill.  Like all skills, it can – and should! – be taught.  Make sure your hiring managers understand the how and why of good interviewing in order to find the best candidates.

The most common answer to “We’d like to offer you a job” is “Thanks, but no thanks.”

Again and again, you extend an offer to your top candidate.  Again and again, they take the time to look it over and return with a stiff counteroffer – or worse, simply say “no, thank you.”

To find the best people, you’ll need to offer a competitive compensation package – and don’t focus solely on salary.  While salary should be competitive, benefits like flextime, telecommuting, travel to conferences, or tuition reimbursement can be the difference between “No, thank you” and “When can I start?” for your top candidate.

Your company has Revolving Door Syndrome.

How many people have resigned in the past six months?  In the past year?

Turnover is expensive.  Some estimates place the total cost of replacing an employee at 67 to 240 percent of their annual salary!  If your turnover is high, you’re probably not recruiting the right people for your business’s goals and current culture.  Your recruiter can help.

At Marquee Staffing, our SoCal-based recruiters strive to connect our clients with the best talent available.  For help giving your hiring plan a “boost” and finding the people you need, contact us today to learn more about our recruiting services in Carlsbad and to request an employee.