7 Steps to a Better Resume

Studies show the average hiring manager spends only six second skimming resumes on a first read.  Six seconds are all that stand between you and a phone call – or a trip to the circular file.

How can you make sure your resume lands in the “to-call” pile?  Here are seven ways to improve your resume today.

  1. Toss your one-size-fits-all resume. A generic resume is easy to spot – and easy to throw out. Instead, keep all your resume information in a central computer document (or on LinkedIn), and tailor each resume you send to include only the information that shows you’re a great fit for this
  2. Review the job description. In the job description or posting, circle the keywords and phrases describing the job’s core duties. Work these into your resume when you discuss your past accomplishments to communicate that you can do this job because you’ve already done it.
  3. Focus on your accomplishments. A list of duties from past jobs only tells hiring managers what you were supposed to do, not how well you did it. Instead, list your top one or two accomplishments at each job to show how you stood out.
  4. Get specific. Whenever you can, use concrete numbers to describe your accomplishments. For instance, if you worked as cleaning staff at a hotel for a summer, don’t just say “Cleaned more rooms than anyone else on staff.”  Be specific: “I cleaned three more rooms per 8-hour shift than the next highest-performing staff member.”
  5. Be readable. Have someone else scan your resume and tell you which words, phrases or headings jump out to them. Make sure these line up with the core job duties and requirements.  If not, change the spacing or formatting to help these keywords stand out.
  6. Supplement with LinkedIn. Want to give more details than you can fit on one page? Include the URL to your LinkedIn profile on your resume, and make sure your profile contains a complete and accurate job history.  Hiring managers can hop online to see the full picture.
  7. Skip the references. Delete the line “references available upon request.” It wastes space telling the hiring manager something they already know. Instead, use the space to talk about your accomplishments.

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