Take Your Career into Your Own Hands: Advancing Your Skill Set

Angling for a promotion or looking for a position with a new employer are two common ways to advance one’s career.  Another method is to improve your skill set so you’re better placed for a promotion or more attractive to employers.

Certain fields, like IT, demand almost constant growth and learning.  How can you diversify the ways in which you advance your skills?  Here are several methods for improving your knowledge base and skill set.

Further Education

This method is traditional for a reason: it works.  Taking additional classes or certification courses gives you the opportunity to learn a new skill in a structured, focused manner.  The cost of many classes includes the purchase of books or other training materials, giving you access to the information even after the class has concluded.  During a class, you also gain the opportunity to meet other professionals in your field, expanding your professional network.


If sitting in a classroom doesn’t mesh well with the way you learn, consider using your personal and professional networks to expand your skill set.  Talk to colleagues about projects they could use your help in completing, or join a charity or volunteer group that offers the skills you want to learn and develop.  Networking is a great hands-on, face-to-face way to expand your skill set and your sphere of influence at the same time.

Skills Learning on the Job

Want to learn a new skill while being paid to do so?  Ask around your workplace for projects you can participate in or tasks you can take off someone else’s hands so you can learn new skills while advancing your current career.  If you’re looking for a job or considering a job change, talk to a recruiter about contract opportunities.  Contract positions let you learn new skills, work on specific projects, “test-drive” employers, and build your professional network; all while being paid to do so.  They can be a great opportunity for lifelong learning or a way to build your resume between long-term positions.

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