Five Unexpected Places In Irvine You Might Find Your Next Employee

Successful employers are always looking for qualified, suitable candidates. Hiring managers that think outside the resume pile can meet business needs proactively by bringing on employees with the right attitude and a willingness to learn.

Here are five places outside traditional applicant pools where companies can find new talent:

Through College Students

College students know other candidates that are right for the job. Talk about entry-level job openings and internships with friends or family that attend schools. Family members often know what you might expect of others.

Hangouts That Offer Free Wi-Fi

Coffee shops, libraries and other locations with free Wi-Fi attract a variety of job seekers, professionals and freelancers throughout the day. Hanging out in a local coffee shop lets leaders build organic relationships with potential applicants. Students and emerging professionals often work in such environments, so employers impressed by the service at the local coffee shop might consider striking up a conversation about career goals.

Via Volunteer Organizations

Joining volunteer organizations allows employers give back to the community, but it also creates a networking opportunity for hiring managers and human resource professionals. In volunteer environments, you see how individuals solve problems, work with team members and react to stress.

Trade Shows And Industry Events

Industry events might be seen as a traditional environment to network with job seekers, but it’s often the individuals without resumes and business cards that employers should consider. When attending trade shows or conferences, make note of the people who impress you with their attitude, communication or service.

At Special Events

Personal outings offer the same opportunities as professional outings. A waitress that handles a sudden rush might be the next customer service specialist you recruit. As a hiring manager, human resource professional or company leader, look for opportunities to make connections when you dine out, enjoy family entertainment or participate in fundraising activities.

Relying only on the resumes sent in response to job postings means employers don’t get a full look at the field. Thinking outside of the traditional application process helps hiring managers and human resource departments create strong, versatile teams.

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