Email Etiquette After A Job Interview

Orange County Job seekers often assume that once an interview is complete, there is nothing to do besides wait to hear from the interviewer. Unfortunately, that assumption couldn’t be more wrong. After a job interview, applicants should send a thank you email to the interviewer.

Following up via email shows hiring managers that you appreciated the opportunity and demonstrates how eager you are to fill the position. However, before writing your follow-up email, there are a few critical components to remember:


Don’t send a generic email as a thank you. The email needs to address the interviewer by name, and include a tidbit from your meeting to add a personal touch. Job seekers who were interviewed by more than one person should send personalized thank you emails to each of the interviewers.

A Statement Of Interest

Don’t assume that the interviewer knows how interested you are in the position simply because you showed up. Use a thank you email as an opportunity to reiterate interest in the position, and tell the interviewer exactly why you’re interested in the position.

A Quick Sales Pitch

Don’t overwhelm interviewers with multiple paragraphs detailing why you’re a great fit for the company. Hiring managers already have your resume and cover letter to review. Instead, job seekers can send emails with a quick plug that tells the employer why they are right for the job.

Think of the plug as a snappy one-liner to conclude the email in a way that highlights specific skills in a way that stands out.

Interviewers typically weed through a lot of resumes even before beginning the interview process. Applicants can boost their chances of being hired by taking small, memorable steps such as following up with thank you emails.

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